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Neighbours are too noisy! what should we do?


25 Sep 2003
We are just moving to an good apartment in the 1st floor and we love it much.

However, a chinese couples, living in the 2nd floor, are making noisy all night. I suppose that they sleep all day, and wake up midnight for part time job or something like that. Then they go home at 3-5 AM.

We are try to get used to with their loud foot-step, but become stressful. We are also afraid of their revenge if we directly complain them.

My wife is pregnant now, and cannot sleep at night. We want to do some thing not to get mental disease.

I would appreciate greatly if anyone could give an advice
I would mention it kindly to them yourselves first - often we don't realise how much our neighbours hear so they might be surprised they are noisy.
Let them know your wife is pregnant, they should be extra considerate of that.
If they don't do anything about it or cause you extra trouble, get in contact with your landlord.

I can relate to what you're going through, having been in a similar situation once myself.
I'm sorry to hear you have to go through this while your wife is pregnant! I hope it can be resolved easily and quickly ;)
when i used to live in an appartment my upstairs neighbors were crazy. they would have wrestling matches at 2am. though i was often up at that time. i would sometimes jump up and smack the ceiling. otherwise i would aim my stereo speakers at the ceiling and turn up the music. they'll get the hint that you can hear them.
If the problem is just footsteps getting them to quiet down might be tricky. Some people just walk with a heavy step and it takes constant attention to change that (I am one such person). If the problem is just footsteps, you might want to see if they would let you help buy some cheap carpet for the area over where you sleep. That coupled with some earplugs (the soft disposable kind) should let you sleep easier.

If the problem is roudy behavior (music, parties, loud talking) other people in your building might have the same problems you do. If you have building meetings, you could discuss noise issues as a whole (not saying, "you people are noisy" but something like "we all could try and be quieter." Don't single them out.) Worth a shot.

At any rate talking with them about the problem in a kind way is your best bet.

Hope things improve -M
I think it is better to complain(discribe how noisy they are in detail) to the landload and see what happens. If it did not help at all, be friendly to them saying hello, then after a while, post a letter to ask them to be quiet. If you mention that your wife is pregnunt, it will work better I think.
Thanks for your advices, I tried to send them a letter. That worked just a few days. My friends are also complaining their chinese neighbours. as you know, Chinese doesnot use slippers or shoes in their house, and the landlord already equiped carpet on the floor.
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