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Need Tsukemono Recipe


Nov 13, 2014
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Hi guys :) I'm new to this forum and I mainly joined to find a specific recipe for japanese pickled cucumbers that I tasted in japan. I couldn't find them in asia stores in Austria and there are no recipes for those, so it would be awesome if someone here could help me out.
I'm searching for a recipe for aokyurizuke, that's cucumbers which have been marinated in soysauce (and/or sugar and salt from what I found out so far).
They should look like the ones on this site:
Thanks to the description found there I have a rough idea what I need to make them, but I still need to know how they're prepared, how long they have to be brined and at least an approximate ratio of the ingredients....


Jan 14, 2009
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The "ao" here I think means young cucumbers. You might have more luck looking for "shoyu zuke" if you want the sort of recipe you can do at home, e.g.:

A rough translation of this recipe follows:

3 cucumbers (Japanese cucumbers)
1 tsp salt
150cc soy sauce
150g sugar (brown sugar if available)
100cc vinegar
15cm kombu (kelp)
a little ginger
a chilli (whole red chilli)

1. Cut the cucumbers into thin rounds, place in a bowl, rub with salt and leave for 30 minutes.
2. Add water to the bowl and transfer to a sieve. Rinse with running water, then strain and press to remove any excess moisture.
3. In a pot mix the soy sauce and sugar, and heat. When the sugar is dissolved and the mixture comes to a boil, add the vinegar and immediately following add the cucumber.
4. In a tupperware box (or whatever container you're using for storage) put the ginger and kombu (these two finely sliced), and the chilli (chilli can be cut in rounds or whole).
5. When the cucumber comes to the boil, remove and transfer to the tupperware.
6. Bring the remaining liquid (dashi) in the pot back to the boil, then turn off the heat.
7. Add the dashi to the cucumber, allow to cool, then put the lid on the container and
8. Allow at least three days to pickle before eating.

Additional notes: The picture (at top) is after pickling. After three days or more, the cucumber takes on a well-pickled brown colour. When it has become light brown, it is ready to eat. It is good to eat for two weeks.