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12 Mar 2003
I just want to confirm this:

Is it correct that in Japan, you are allowed to ask a woman her age, but not allowed to ask a man his age?

because here in finland it seems to be just the opposite

The word "allowed" seems bit rough, I mean that if you ask a man that how old is he, it's not a good manner.

Thank you.
Yuh its the same here as Finland, and even if the woman does answer she will usually lie.
Never heard about that in Japan. It seems ok for me to ask anybody's age. But usually, they ask me to guess - what I always do when asked too.
In order to achieve full satisfaction I use the formula below:

G ("absolute guestimated age") minus x years
whereas x is proportional to G and 
should never exceed 1/20 of G, in particular if G < 20 or G > 45
If G < 18 other formulas may apply.

Hehe, still in my pre-coffee phase.
It's generally impolite to ask people their ages, women more so than men. The subtle way to do it is by asking them what year they were born on the Chinese calendar. Year of tiger, rat, cow, etc. and then figuring it out from there. That's how the Japanese themselves often do it.
Umm I've heard it's not a good idea to ask this in Japan either.
If I tell someone my age (and I don't lie) people usually think I'm lying, because I'm 19 and I look like I'm 16 :)
I've always been under the impression that it was okay to ask ages in Japan. My husband has always said that they don't care about asking age like westerners(in my case, Americans) do. I know I used to think it was really weird that the contestants on TV Champion had their ages boldly displayed on those signs they have to wear. I was thinking that we would probably not do that here? :confused:
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