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Dog Youkai
15 Jan 2004
Was wanting to get a good sword set. I found a nice set on E-Bay but was wondering what the letters on the blade say. Also anyone got any reccomendations for Japanese home decor? Such as Samurai Armor, Tatami items, Futon Beds, I plan to style my house Traditional Japanese Style but have no clue on where I should order them from.

Anyways here is what I wanted to know what it means:

sorry I dunno what they say but I bought some swords on ebay a while back and I have to worn you that there just for show.

I wanted to test it out, so I did on a tree and it busted in 3 places. So don't try that. They don't come sharp either even if they say on the description. You can just buy a stone and sharpen it yourself if you want. That's what I did. Now I just throw apples in the air and cut them in half.

If you want a good sword go for Cold Steel Double Edge Katana , that baby will cut a 7" thick bamboo with a single stroke.
Well this sword set isn't expected to be real as I am only paying 45.00 + shipping for a full 3 sword set with stand, I just want it for home decoration. Real swords are too EXPENSIVE for me.

Anyways was wondering what the KANJI along the blade translated too in English... Funny story by Mandylion btw. 😌
Even if they are translated they won't make much sense. They are just decorative.
now/old/famous/is (this one is kind of tricky)/god/offering/ambition/earth is my non-checked guess.

I've posted this many times on other threads, but it bears repeating (not that I think you are going to do anything stupid with them). Please take a look.


Thanks for the compliment too btw :)
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A bit from what I hear. I think the "emergency surgery in the studio" was a bit over the top. Probably a few stiches and a good dope-slap. I'm sure it hurt though. Gut wounds are never nice (none ever are).
The kanjis written on the blade must be the copy of the movie,"the last samurai". In last December, the meaning of the letters was a topic even among Japanese, cos such set of letters were unfamiliar to us(perhaps created by American staffs) . But now I know, it means "A man who unite/harmonize old and new" for the filmmaker.

Images from Last Samurai, The (2003)
The Last Samurai (2003) - IMDb
Thanks! For the information, I didn't match them up to check but I did remember the Last samurai's sword had the writing on it. Thanks alot! :p
Nice bit of info Kara, thanks!

Still, when the combined brain trust of the Japanese media (and it can be considerable when it wants to be) doesn't recognize a bunch of kanji... well, I would say that phrase/kanjio grouping is a product of Hollywood. Even checking all my dictionaries I don't come up with that meaning.

Not saying that makes the sword bad or the movie stupid, just that because it was in a movie doesn't make it factual (esp. when we talk about the Last Samurai :) )
if you want a decent quality sword make sure it is at least 440 steel (competition grade).
Nice site, thanks Mandylion, btw on your site is that you in the picture of the American with a Kimono and beer in hand?
Ah, you found that picture! It is buried quite deep...

No, it isn't. I think my photo is floating around in the huge thread where members post a photo of themselves.
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