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Need some advices regarding COE


4 May 2012
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hi im just new here..i just want to ask if any of you guys has an idea about Certificate of Eligibility being denied..so my husband who is a filipino has passed some documents for COE last 16th of January..he was a contract worker before. since his contract ended last 29th of March he has no choice but to go home to the philippines..so i decided to go with him since my mother is a filipina..(but im a japanese citizen) even for just three weeks..we were thinking that maybe during our stay in the philippines the COE might be released soon..unfortunately, two days before my flight back to japan the lawyer (who works at the immigration and who arranges our documents) called us and ask for my father's income tax certificate and residential tax certificate since i cant provide any of the tax certificate coz i already stopped working when i got pregnant..(im on my 6th month now and will give birth on august)..and also asked for my pay slips from my last job..so i decided to go back here in japan and submit those documents needed..the lawyer called and told me that he already submitted the rest of the documents last 26th this April..my question is do you have any idea if its goin to be denied and how long am i going to wait for the result? im a bit worried coz i wanted my husband to be here before i give birth and he is the only source of our income now since he will be having a new job when he gets back here in japan.. another problem is, i am a japanese citizen but i cant speak japanese very well..when i was 5 years old my mom decided to take me to the philippines with her since she got divorced with my dad, so i spent almost my entire life in the philippines when i was 21 years old the japan embassy told me that i have to choose between japanes-filipino citizenship..so i chose japanese since my boyfriend (my husband now) is here in japan..and since he could speak japanese very well he serves as my translator to my father..i am so sad living alone here especially now that i am pregnant..just let me know guys if you got answers to my questions! that'll be highly appreciated! thanks! God bless you all!
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