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Need Japanese video translated if possible(short)


2 Mar 2017
Hi There,

Am getting into the Japanse music scene, I recently watched a video where some people pick out records from a record store, they say something about 1 record in particular but I don't know what they said, if someone could translate that would be awesome !.

Video link is below, I'm after information regarding the Red/White record and what he says about it.
Time in the video is 3:14

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for the reply Mike Cash, much appreciated, I checked the song but it doesnt sound like the one used, are you able to take a look at 8:18 in the video to see if anyting was said about the record, or if you can make out what it says on the vinyl ?

Or if you know the song that was played at 8:18 that would be great.
They bought a whole bunch of records. Why would you assume the stuff you heard later was from the red and white record? The song you specifically asked to have identified at 3:14 is exactly what I said it is. I don't like burning up my mobile data packets on watching YouTube videos for somebody else only to have them tell me I was wrong when I gave them exactly what they asked for.
Hey Mike, yup I appreciate the I.D on that record at 3:14, I'm just trying to find the tracks that played at 8:18, the vinyl colors seem to be a match thats why I picked that one, red and gold cover for a red and gold vinyl, seems like it wasn't though.
They picked up each record while mentioning the name of the producers who would take charge of it. The producer played at 8:18 is "SHIN-TA", and the record they chose for him is the 5th one; TIME/LIFE 協奏曲全集(= Concerto collection) HOME CLASSICAL COLLECTION No.3 THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CONCERTOS.
(I read the title in the following high resolution version of the video, by the way.)

As you can see from the title, this record is classical music, but the one he played in the video doesn't seem so. I checked the rest 9 records (seven of them were played by other producers, and I know the rest two), but none of them corresponds to it. In conclusion, it might be TIME/LIFE 協奏曲全集(= Concerto collection) HOME CLASSICAL COLLECTION No.3 THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CONCERTOS, or might be another one than the ten records.

Thank you man, really appreciate it, helps a bunch, I will see what I find regarding the TIME/LIFE record, but thanks for the help though !

Seems like you are correct, TIME/LIFE was not the record Shin-Ta used, I listened to all tracks on TIME/LIFE record but none matched, the record Shin-Ta used has some come of Red lable with Gold text that I can't read or make out, I'm sure it's Indian but too many Indian songs to try and find out which one.
For your reference, the followings are the records they picked up.
title - singer
1. ミドリ色の屋根 - ルネ
Midoriiro no Yane - Rune

2. 三州瓦音頭 - 船橋一郎 / ふるさと囃子 - 川崎千恵子
Sanshūgawara Ondo - Funabashi Ichirō / Furusato Bayashi - Kawasaki Chieko

3. さらば青春の時 - アリス
Saraba Seishun no Toki - Alice

4. なやみ / 冷たい指 - 杉良太郎
Nayami / Tsumetai Ame - Sugi Ryōtarō


6. ドライヴィング・サタディ・ナイト - キーン
Driving Saturday Night (the original English title is Tryin' To Kill A Saturday Night) - KEANE

7. 津軽平野 - 千昌夫
Tsugaru Heiya - Sen Masao (the one Mike-san already told you)

8. I Want To Be Happy Cha Cha (The level is Decca Records)

9. ヴィクター・ヤングのムーヴィー・ラプソディーズ
Victor Young's Movie Rhapsodies

10. 喝 - シブがき隊
Katsu - Shibugakitai

And here's the list of when each record played.
video number - time
1. #2 5:46
2. #2 8:38
3. #3 2:50
4. #3 0:35

6. #1 6:22
7. #3 3:22
8. #1 7:48
9. #3 0:00
10. #3 3:44

Video #1: the one in your initial post
Video #2: the one in my initial post
Video #3

Nine of the ten records were used as a result, so my wild guess is that a different record disc was in the TIME/LIFE jacket.

Just out of curiosity, why do you want to know the name of the record SHIN-TA played particularly?
Many thanks again Toritoribe, appreciate you taking the time to break it down like that, the reason I wanted to know which one Shin-Ta played is because of the beat he made(the end of the video in my initial post starting at 11:06), I really like the beat he made and I am of Indian heritage myself so I wanted to know the sample used, I beleive the record he plays at 8:45 in that video is it but it is too blurry to identify.

Also I can't find any way to get in contact with him which is what I what normally do which makes it more difficult.
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