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4 May 2003
Okay, this sunday the 3rd i will meet my penpal from japan. she speaks bearly 10 words in english and expects us to speak japanese all day

what are some usefull things to know how to say

we will go to downtown for shopping and to look around...what are somethings you should know how to say when shopping, meeting some one (in real life) for the first time, basic things we would talk about?

i speak some japanese enough to get by..but these things i need asap!



domo arigatougozaimasu!


日本語 日本人 how is it pronounced nihongo/nippongo nihonjin/nipponjin?

i always see it written differently but how do you speak it?

So how do you write to each other if she doesnt know english ? and you dont know Japanese ?

日本人 = nihonjin
日本語 = nihongo

Maybe you should just force her to practice English...
Actually, I can speak Japanese, and I can write it...but I do it with a lot of help from my notes/dictionary (which I most likely will not carry around downtown), and I would like some pre-set phrases...to make it easier

my Japanese is much better than her English so we will speak Japanese

thank you!

Hajimemashite - How do you do.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu
ikimashou - let's go. (roughly any verb with "masho to" indicate let's... ex: tabemashou (let's eat) kaerimashou (let's go home) kaimashou (Let's buy it). Add "ka" to make it "shall we...?")
Shindoi desuka? - since you are friends, you can use shindoi (exhausted/dead tired)
Nani wo/ga mitai/shitai desuka - what do you want to see/do?
Hoshii mono wa nai desu ka - is there anything you want?
...wa dou desu ka? How is .....? (can use past tense too).
Tanoshii ne - this is fun.
Oishii ne - this is yummy.

Basically ya'll should try English too. Just remember to smile, gestures can get you really far, carry a small notepad for Pictionary. I assume you know the basic greetings and such. I'm sure others can add more to this list.
Buy a basic (portable) phrase book & dictionary and carry it with you. It will be a lot handier than printing out anything we might give you in this thread.
how did/do u talked to her , (make an agreement of wich she is visting from another country to meet u in canada!) her knowing ''bearly 10 words in english''

and u not knowing the most basic expressions?
just wonderin , not meaning to upset u.:smoke:
Error....well, we talk in only Japanese like I said before, but I use many of my dictionaries and not So understand her fine...I've written in Japanese for nearly 3 years....but I've never spoken in it..because no one I know can speak Japanese...see?

I know basic expressions, but I'm shy of speaking Japanese, so I want confirmation..that's all...sorry to confuse you all.
You just got to force yourself to speak Nihongo no matter what!... hmm I'll go get my list of usefull slangs that will help you out!
Ja ne.
Shibui =Wizzer/Cool.
Kakkoii =Wizzer/Cool. [Kakkoii is said especially about boys and cars.] --Rウ
Dasai =Not-so-wizzer/Uncool.
Sugoi =Awesome.
Sugee =Awesome.(for boy's to say)
Hampa-ja nai. =Awesome. (for boys to say)
Kakko warui =Ugly.
Dasai =Ugly.
Nani-yo?! =What do you want? (for girls to say)
Nanda-yo! =What do you want? (for boys to say)
Nanka monku aru-no-ka? =What do you want? (for boys to say)
Nanka yo?! =Do you want to say something?!

You can go to these sites too:

Slang Dictionary - Japanese

Japanese slangs you won't find in a dictionary.

Learn Japanese - WannaLearn.com

That should be enough. ja ne.
I've checked all the site above, they're really slang! Cool! ほんと一番でしょう!とてもいいから!がんばってね!私達!
definitely looking into getting an electronic dictionary. and here are some other phrases:

"Toile wa asoko" - The toilet is there (never know, she may have to go bad)
"Onaka suita?" - Are you hungry?
"OH! Mabushisugiru!" - Oh! You are too radiant (haha. use it when you're kidding around. it's kinda lame if you say it seriously)
"Ora no tsuyosa miseruka?" - Do you want to see my strength? (then go beat some kid up.)

Hah. The first two phrases, you should know. Anyway good luck.
Originally posted by kisu

日本語 日本人 how is it pronounced nihongo/nippongo nihonjin/nipponjin?

i always see it written differently but how do you speak it?


Oh, well, Nippon is the more official one, but it's only used on sporting games and stamps. Nihon, on the other hand, is used much more often in Japan, and in this day and age, is the correct way. Both are correct.

So, I'd use Nihon, as Nihon is used more in Japan. If you went to Japan, you'd here Nihon.

Also, you don't say Nipponjin, or Nippongo to say Japanese. You can only use Nihonjin or Nihongo, so that's another reason to use Nihon.

Hope I helped.
Originally posted by Hanada Tattsu
Oh, well, Nippon is the more official one, but it's only used on sporting games and stamps.
Is Nippon used more outside Japan, then? I've heard it on tapes for Japanese expat kids living in the US, but thought maybe that was because it is easier for children to pronounce and also to get them more emotionally revved up about goings on (such as the weather and national holidays ;) in their homeland.
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