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1 May 2003
I am a new member to this forum .
I am living in japan for the last 9 months .
My japanese is not so good , but i really like to learn . I can speak a little of japanese and would like to improve my language . But i cannot read japanese .Recently i got a TS3 CARD . I would like to know what are the conditions and terms for using the card . I cannot understand anything as the expalinations are given in japanese . Hope someone helps me .
Even the web site is completely in Japanese .
Hi sabs, welcome aboard! 🙂

Why don't you post the URL in question, perhaps some of our nihongo savants will be able to help you.

TS3 cards appear to be superCC's with additional functions.

I found more info on Toyota's TS3 Card on Google:

IT businesses are an important platform for creating new interfaces with our customers. A prime example is the TS3 CARD, launched in April 2001, a Toyota brand IC card that provides us with better insight into customer needs. In addition to functioning as a conventional credit card, the TS3 CARD offers us a new way to conduct direct marketing, on the basis of which we can develop additional products and offer better automobile-related services. What's more, the card opens up vast potential for building new business models that will give users access to online bill payments,consumer finance, investment trusts and other financial services. We will draw on the 2.9 million people who already possess the Toyota Card as we work to build a membership base of 5 million for the TS3 CARD.

=> http://www.toyota.co.jp/IRweb/invest_rel/annualreport/annual_report01/features/value01.html

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