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Need help with Fashion Wholesalers


12 May 2003
I've been looking for wholesalers that sell young women fashion in Tokyo area. Does anyone know? Is there a place in Tokyo with many fashion wholesaling shops where I can shop for what I want? I would prefer something young and trendy like those sold in Shibuya etc.
Please help!!
Main wholesalers can be found in and around Ningyocho and Asakusabashi...major houses who limit their clients to commercial clients require you to become registered and to open a commecial account. This takes time and there is no gurantee (even in this recession) that you will be accepted as a client.

Alt. Outlet shops are spinging up everywhere in the world offering "seconds" and big discounts.

There was an outlet in Shimokitazawa that sold female(urban/office fashion wear) retail at wholesale prices. Just start walking around the areas.
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