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Need help understanding a few phrases


16 Aug 2003
hey there, could you help me understand these sentences please?

1. boku wa genki ya de!

2. nani yori mo hozu...

3. boku no o-ki-ni hitori.
(that's hiragana "o", "ki" as in "genki" and hiragana "ni")

4 he starts his postcard with "- - na ru john he" (the two "-"s are in kanji). i'm guessing this must be the way you start postcards. what does it actually say?

id appreciate your help
1. sounds like osaka-ben or some other kind of regional dialect for "boku ha genki desu" (I'm fine.)

2. Not sure about this one. Maybe also dialect. Is there more context?

3. okini(iru) is another way to say "like". I'm not 100% sure but I read this as "The one I like"

4. Depends on the kanji. Is it suteki (素敵)? Anyway letters are often addressed as "Name he" which simply means to "To Name". Are you sure there's a "ru" in there? Is it hiragana? If not, I'd say it looks like he's prefixing it with an adjective like "To Cool John."

If you could scan it in and let us see it we could probably tell you what it says with greater certainty.
1. mdchachi's answer is quite right.
2. "nani yori mo" means that "more than anything else". "hozu...", hum, I dont know as such. what word follows up then "hozu..."?
3. to be precise, it's callded "boku no o-ki-ni i-ri". it means that "my favorites".
4. probably his postcard will start from this phrase, "shin-ai na ru john he". it means that "dear, john".

keep it up for leaning Japanese!
hey, thanks for all your help! while we're all here, i was just wondering about other letter-writing vocabulary.like,
how do you end informal letters?
to say "say hey to your friends and family from me", do you just say "otomodachi to gokazoku ni douzo yoroshiku", or is there a more familiar way of saying that?
and whats the japanese equivalent of kisses (xxx)?
Standard way to end (familiar) letters is one of:
sore de ha,
sore de ha, mata,
jya- mata,
mata ne.
You can also throwin things like:
okarada wo ki wo tsukete

Typical way to say hi is:
mina ni yoroshiku (to itte oite ne)
Your way is fine too.

Dunno know about the kisses part. I've never written those kinds of letters. ;)
"Yoroshiku ne" will often stand in for hugs as well so that part is fine. And maybe XXX--キスキスキス, for kisses ;)
mdchachi's answer is quite right.
and another greeting of letter end are

genki de ittene.
bye bye (bai bai).
mata kondo ne.

Now I'm afraid, what relevant kisses mark (xxx) in the form of Japanese letter is nothing.
but I wonder Heart Mark ♥ substitutes.
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