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need help understand a chinese site


30 Mar 2006

I recently received a letter from the chinese trademarks office. It say that I need to file an "application for review".

"The application for review shall be filed through an agency in China (a list of agencies can be found at http://www.ctmo.gov.cn or http://sbj.saic.gov.cn)"

I have had a look on both sites, and even chosen the "english" option, but i still cant find list of chines agencies. I wonder if anybody can help me? I have called the trademarks office, but the person i talked to, didnt understand much english and was very little help.

I've had a look at the site; the list of agencies can be found here:


All details are in Chinese only however. In case you're having difficulty deciphering the table, the first column is the name of the agency, followed by the address, telephone contact, postcode, and lastly the name of the person in charge.
Need more details

To the 1st floor:

Where are u now?

In which city do you want to make an apply for your brand?

This website has a list of so many agencies located in different cities(see details on http://sbj.saic.gov.cn/sbsq/indexdljg.asp) and all the contact info
is in Chinese only.

Just write the name of the place where the agency(Like Beijing,Shanghai) then someone will help you get the contact info you need.
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