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Need help translating this

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21 Sep 2018
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I'm translating a book from Japanese to English to help me to learn some vocab and test my knowledge of kanji and sentence structure. Having trouble with this one:
今日は 初めからツイてる

Using dictionaries and translation websites, I've come up with this:
" Today was the beginning I'm twisting." Which is obviously not correct.

Thank you for any help in advance!
What do you think the dictionary form of ツイてる is? Also, what is the function of から?
What dictionary are you using, out of curiosity? I didn't know 初め or ツイてる, but looking those up in the 電子辞書 I use led me to an answer that definitely makes sense (though the exact meaning would depend on surrounding context).

In addition to the hints Toritoribe-san gave, take a look at the kanji used for 初め.

Is there any particular reason you chose this method for learning? I wonder if there might perhaps be another learning method that would suit your needs.
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