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Need help translating song names please...


6 Sep 2003
Could any pros tell me what the following phrases mean?

1. Omoide Dake dewa Tsurasugiru 思い出だけではつらすぎる

2. ネバーランド

3. あやとり

4. 愛する君が傍にいれば

5. カマワナイデ

6. 想い出だけで

7. 心ひとつ

8. よその子

9. ハバネラ

They are all song names, desperate to know what they mean... Thanks in advance!!
My quite non-lyrical attempts....;)

1. Only remembering is too painful

2. Neverland

3. Cat's Cradle (?)/String Figures (?)

4. If my love is at my side

5. かまわないで (?) Don't worry about it....

6. (With) only memories/recollections

7. One heart

8. Someone's child

9. Habanera (Is this Spanish?) :confused:
OK--no problem. Some of the Japanese is a little ambiguous, though, in which case it's almost impossible without the lyrics to pin them down precisely. So I'd be curious if you ever do come across any of these from a true pro. :)
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