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need help TRANSLATING some QUESTIONS (eng to japanese)


Feb 2, 2016
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Can someone please translate these questions to Japanese?? We need this for an interview in a magazine. Thanks.

1.Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? A short biography of how you made it to this day?
2.Why do you go by the name 'Horiyoshi' and how did you earn this name? What does it mean?
3.Can you tell us about Horiyoshi 1 & Horiyoshi 2?
4.When did you get your tattoos, starting with the first? Who was the tattoo artist?
5.How long did it take you to tattoo your entire body? Do your tattoos reveal anything about you?
6.Who taught you to tattoo? How did you get into tattooing? Who inspired you to tattoo?
7.Do you tattoo in different styles besides japanese?
8.Besides tattooing, what are your other interests?
9.Are there any clients you prefer NOT to tattoo? If so, why?
10.How long does it take to finish a full body tattoo? Do you remember the longest tattoo session you had with a client?
11.Because you are used to the 'tebori' style tattooing, how does it feel to use a tattoo machine?
12.Do you chose your tattooing technique (tebori-tattoo machine) according to clients perference?
13.Do you teach anyone how to tattoo, will there be a Horiyoshi IV ?
14. Do you plan on quitting tattooing any time? Or will you continue to tattoo for as long as you can?