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13 Oct 2003
I started learning Japanese not too long ago but I have some questions that I've been wondering about...First off, does anyone know an easy to understand website on Japanese Grammar (or is that an oxymoron)?

Secondly, for memorizing Kanji should you also learn the verb endings and conjugations that associate with the Kanji or is the base word suffiecent? Example:


to get/wake/be up, occur; occur, happen; wake (someone) up, begin, start, cause

Is it vital to learn what is in the parenthesis (kiru/koru/kosu)? Anyways that's about it for now ;)

I'm not precisely sure what you're asking since you don't really have to memorize what is in parenthesis as that will come up in hiragana as the verb ending (窶ケN窶堋ォ窶堙ゥ)--but you should think of the word as a unit (not "o" and it's various endings) and of course will need to know the meanings for all the various forms.

As for web sites...I didn't actually use them to learn, but these three in particular seem pretty relevant and user friendly ;).

Japanese for the Western Brain

Learn Japanese STEP.1 (for biginners) HIRAGANA HYOU
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