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Need help learning kanji?


1 Mar 2009
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Hi – This is Schultz from Tokyo Damage Report. I hope this thread is the right place to post this. For two years, me and my Japanese friends have been making a free, DIY, online ツ“how to learn kanjiツ” textbook, and now it's online. Maybe it could help people who are trying to learn Japanese.
What sets my stuff apart from most of the textbooks/flashcards/websites is that I pay attention to what beginner students actually care about: ツ“Do I really need this one? How can I tell this one apart from that one? What’s that little doohickey on the left side? Which particle goes with this verb?ツ” These are the questions I’m trying to answer.
I’ve worked with 3 Japanese people to rate each of the 2,000 most popular kanji – and each of the ツ‘example kanji words’ – to make sure they’re all useful. A lot of dumb kanji got thrown out. I write advice on how to use the words correctly so you don’t sound like a noob. The textbook is structured so that the current kanji is always made out of radicals which you’ve already learned. I also have a system of mnemonics which helps you learn the pronunciation, the meaning, and all the radicals, in one English sentence. The mnemonic system is pretty much based on Yo Mama jokes.
Since I'm still developing it, I'm curious what people on this forum think of it - please try it and tell me what you think.
kanji textbook is here:
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