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21 Mar 2016
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Currently using Rosetta Stone and i'm a little stuck right now on certain sentence structures in Japanese. My main issue with rosetta stone is that it doesn't explain the context or set-up of the sentences. >.<

What is the use of "ga"? for example: Kodomo ga futari imasu.

Why do you use different words for numbers than their original names?
for example: Tamago ga rokko arimasu. Why is it rokko and not roku? Roku means six, so why change the end of it to ko? Same goes for Ichi. why use ichidai?

Why do you use onna no hito ga yonnin imasu, and not ononoschtowa? For females. why use onna no hito? what's the point of this context?

Please help! I'm really trying to learn Japanese correctly and be accurate in my translations with other native speakers. Thanks!


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