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Need Help in Translating

Sorry I don't know the meaning of kun kun, but if "iinoi" is "iinioi" then....

Name of peach panda character and his little sister
1. I even like pink good smelling peaches
2. I like sweet smelling peaches
3. Kun Kun smells good.
4. Mimi (ear?) and sippo (precious things? not sure how it is being used here) are both pink.
5. The turtle carries a peach.
6. Momopanda was born from Momo (a peach).
7. We plan to open a tikajika store (?).
8. The peach is eaten kun kun
9. Before eating peaches kun kun
10. I feel surrounded by the smell of peaches.
11. I love the kun kun smell of peaches....before eating peaches kun kun.
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