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Need help in MEXT research proposal and contacting professors

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Derrick Aka

19 Jun 2017
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Hello there friends. Hope we are all well. My name is Derrick Akampa, from Kampala, Uganda. I joined this forum about two days ago and am so glad to be here. I need all the help and guidance I can get on especially coming up with a research proposal and contacting professors for the the MEXT Scholarship.

I did a bachelor's degree in civil and building engineering in Uganda, have worked in a civil/structural design firm for three years and am looking to do a Masters course in the direction of structural engineering.

My dean at the Faculty here in Uganda gave me the information about the scholarship too late, about a week to the dead line and hence I don't think I did enough justice to this most critical part of the application. However since the dead line was close, I drafted what I could handed in. I did a written exam today. Am hoping and praying to God that my application will be considered as am given a chance to write my real proposal from my heart.

Now that I have know of this forum, and have time, I hope to put together a solid proposal for whenever God will open a door for me. Am asking anybody out there to give me help on two things. How do I put together as solid research proposal seeing as there are so many universities and so many course variations? What are the general sections of the proposal? Then how do I go about contacting professors, I need to do this at the earliest possible time weather I go through this year or not. There is still next year by the will and grace of God.

I know a lot of this information is available on this forum and am going to keep reading but a quick reply here would help me so very much.

God keep you all,

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