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Need help from Japan


22 Oct 2003
Was wondering if anyone that live in Japan could help me aquire a printer and some ink cartriges that are hard to get here in the States. Thank you for the time. The Saint
What are you looking for? But while I am thinking of it, by the time somebody buys a printer for you (they cost about the same as they do in the US) and then the ink, mails it all to you, unless you need a highly specialized set-up, it will cost you the same as just breaking down and buying a more common printer in the US.
What I am looking for is the Alps MD-1300 which is no longer sold in the U.S. in which there is none like it that can match its quality. Second, is the Finish 1 Ink Cart. for it, which is also not sold anymore in the U.S. but will be sold in Japan till 2006. That is why, because they are no longer sold here in the U.S.
the olympus dye-sub @ officemax will be $199 during the friends and family sale the 25th, this weekend
yea I was looking into that one but they do not have a finish cart for they'er model. The club pictures that I am trying to produce only work with the an alps and their finish carts. thanks.
Won't anyone from the Honarable Country of Japan help? I do not want it for free and will pay for your time and effort. The Saint
it's not that many people who ACTUALLY LIVE IN JAPAN on these forums -- try looking for a online store (located in Japan?) that will send products to the US
Alright, anyone from Japan willing to help? Please let me know, respectfully, The Saint.
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