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Max Mathesius

25 Nov 2018
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Hello there, my name is Max.

My father often shared me stories of old girlfriends he dated before he met my mom.

Her name was Kiyoko Tamara, she was an exchange student studying abroad in United States during the 1980s. She went to high school in Novato, California and graduated the same year (1989) as my dad.
Class of 1989 San Marin High.

She was from Osaka who came from a good family with a business. After graduating, my dad was left with a difficult choice. She asked him to move with her to settle in Japan and get married.
My dad at the time was young so it was too much for him to handle. He was into partying so he ultimately broke off the relationship which left her in tears. (I can go into further details but will leave it as that.)

She use to call him often and write letters back to him. Her last letter was from Oct 11 1989 which my father saved all these years.

It's scary to think what would have happen if he took his chance. I perhaps would have never been born. Or if parallel universe exists; they probably have been together.

She would be around 49-50 by now. If she's married, most likely her last name would be different.
I tried looking on social media but had no luck. I never done this sort of thing before and would
appreciate any sort of help.

We just like to know how she is doing.
I have the original letter, and an old picture of her.
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So after 30 years , you decide to intrude on some ones life. I'd say it's probably a sure thing that that time in her life is a long forgotten blip. Bringing up past romances could most likely provide embarrassment to this woman's life now. We don't allow too much personal info to be given here so I'm going to delete some of your info. Many years ago , I lived in Japan for 2 years and was madly in love with a Japanese woman back then. I would never think to invade her privacy after all these years. I'm sure your dad would realize it's not a good idea to dig up such old history. Sorry if I sound mean or disrespectful , I know you meant no harm.
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