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Need help!! Been searching for mysterious anime movie for years.


17 Sep 2016
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I don't know if I'll find the answers here, but it's worth a shot

I have been searching for an anime movie that I watched when I was younger, that I would like to watch again.
The movie itself is from the 90's, I think, and is set in the future and from what I can remember this is the plot line.

It's in a world where humans have invented android people and a guy falls in love with one. He is trying to save the android race. It ends with the bot he loves shot up to crap and she falls off of the building they were on.

the only reference I can think of is that it's like Metropolis, similar story with a similar ending, except the characters are much older and not kids.

The female is wearing... like a red biker suit or something like that.

Any help will be very greatful.
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