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Need a teacher


27 Jul 2003
Please can anyone help me. I need a teacher to teach me how to be able to draw manga, well, out of the goodness of their hearts. My drawings are utter shite at the minute and I have tried and tried everything, tutorials and everything, but I can't make it look right, so I was hoping someone could teach me instead. If anyone does, could you contact me on msn messenger or just by email at l1fesuks[at]hotmail.com, pleasepleasepleaseplease as I really want to get into it
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Why don't you try getting some sort of book that teaches you how to draw Manga? Theres a lot of them at Anime/Manga bookstores. You could also purchase them on the internet._. I know this one guy that improved a lot on his drawings by just getting one of those books. Plus I think it's kinda hard to find a teacher that'll have time to teach you._. 😜
Do you do all the guidelines? Its simple just start with a circle and draw lines dividing the face in half-- then draw lines accross the face indicating how big you want the eyes to be!
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