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15 Apr 2002
I was listening to the radio when Glen Mederios came on. The DJ mentioning about the song commented that it was [natsukashii]

natsukashii is something like "good memories" or "brings back memories" it's a very useful word and you'll hear it every so often.

For us old foggies, everything it seems is now [natsukashii]

Thanks for sharing, Moyashi. I'll impress Nahoko with it tonight. Hehe, of course everything [natsukashii] is related to her!
Glen Medeiros! I remember it... it was "Nothing's gonna change my love for you" wasn't it?

Anyone remember Starship's hit song "Nothing's gonna stop us now?" In one word... natsukashii!
ughh, I was talking about the Cure and the Smiths with a student. I was like in high school/college at the time and he replied, "I was only 3!!" ughhhhh

natsukashii or not. I still felt old.

Yes, that was the title. Great love songs ...
ahhh, starship.

oh well
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