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17 Jan 2004
There's this wonderful site that I stumbled onto, NationStates. This is a game in which you co-ntrol your own nation, and groom it so that it becomes one of the most powerful nations in the world. It's based on the book Jennifer Government by Max Barry. Go ahead and check it out.

Btw, I control the Commonwealth of Santa Catalina Island.
couldnt seem to access a game!! maybe its just my lack of internet knowledge!😇 if some-one gets into the game let me know how?? thanks in advance!!😌 😜
Neat! I'll give it a try. Try this

Shall we start a JREF region?
Here is my state (just up minutes ago) The Holy Republic of Ted Pious IX.

Hachi - I like how "Santa Catalina Island's national animal is the dolphin, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests..." Amazing :)
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I have been a member of Nation States for some time now, my nation is here:


Might be a good idea if someone makes a jref region though.
Eternal Wind, Do you have cookies enabled? Without them the game won't work.
Mandylion said:
Shall we start a JREF region?

Hachi - I like how "Santa Catalina Island's national animal is the dolphin, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests..." Amazing :)

I think a JREF region should be made. But I'm not gonna leave my precious Paradise, oh no. :devilish: :hanabi:

Anyway, the Catalina dolphin is an important animal. Besides the freshwater Catalina dolphin, which frolics in the lakes of the many forests, the pacifica Catalina dolphin is a sight to see in the oceans bordering SCI.

SCI has a lot of hotels, the most popular being the Hotel Hibiscus (see the Paradise board about that), located in the capital and largest city, Avalon. We don't allow cars, since we use bicycles to commute, promoting clean air, and longer health. Just a few hours ago we abolished the death penalty, opting for banishment from the island. It is a privilege to live in a place like SCI, and if those privileges are abuse, appropriate, but nonviolent action will be in order.

Santa Catalina's two official languages are English and Avalonian, which is a laid-back, yet colorful, pidgin dialect of English.

Some common Avalonian phrases are:
Ahm speak tyu n Abalonyan.
I'm speaking to you in Avalonian.
Let's do this! Seize the day! Carpe diem! (also our motto)
Okay. Sure thing.
Yeah, baby!
What is this?
Oh no!
Come on!
Chukunduwet! Akan see'in yer fees!
You can do it! I can see it in your face!
Wow, this is an interesting game... Too bad at most there are be only 2 issues / day...

We should definately define a region and group together sometime in the future! Here's the link to my Eden Islands.
The Kingdom of Dream Time DT

I've created the JapanReference Region. Look it up at NationStates, and come on in.
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