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NASA Prepares for Second Mars Landing


17 Jan 2004
(AP) - As NASA scientists struggled to revive their ailing Mars rover, they also began to prepare for the landing of its twin, which was scheduled to touch down on the other side of the Red Planet late Saturday night. Spirit, the first of the $820 million twin rovers sent to Mars to determine if it was once a wetter world capable of sustaining life, began to malfunction on Wednesday, nearly three weeks after landing on the planet's Gusev Crater

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The martians are kidnapping the machines and holding them for ransom. NASA wont tell the public. Its a conspiracy.
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Here's another article on Opportunity...

PASADENA, Calif. - With one rover now ailing on Mars, NASA scientists were thrilled when its identical twin sent dazzling and intriguing photos from the other side of the Red Planet.

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