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Naruto: Narutimate Hero


23 Oct 2003
When is this game coming out in North America :( ? I've been waiting for months.

Anyway if anyone played it tell me about it, I hear its like Super Smash Bros.
I don't know but I seriously hope they release it here. I might import the GC Naruto game "Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2." That one also looks amazing. It looks like a mix of Samurai Showdown, Tekken, and DDR. Heh.
It should be coming out soon. I love the cell like graphics it really goes well with a anime game.
i imported the game. its a lot of fun, but the only part that would have been cooler is if it wasnt 2d. I dont think its coming to america tho
Lol calm on down buddy. First off the games only work on a japanese ps2 or modded ps2. 2nd is there are a few sites that let you import. I ordered from www.play-asia.com when i was buying my ps2 with it because it was a better deal, but now when i order just games (which i just did with Evangelion 2) i order from www.lik-sang.com because they have better prices and free shipping on select items.

edit: if anyone has questions about narutimate hero (dunno why ppl call it that because if im reading it right, it would be translated as narutimetto hero) just ask em.
I would really REALLY suggest not doing that. Mod chips have to be soldered in to your existing playstation. Sure, it can save some money if you do it right, but if u mess up you spend the same amount of money for a japanese playstation on gettin another american playstation. Then u just spent more money than you would have, and your right back where u started.
Yea, I know. 😌 but man i would love to play this game. And the other one. One of them is one gamecube right :? but it probally has to be a japanese gamecube as well! :p
Yup, but i heard a ** AND I MUST STRESS THIS. ** a RUMOR ** DONT GET MAD IF IM WRONG ** that a Narutimetto Hero 2 is in the works.
Considering the anime isn't licensed in the US and that the past games didn't make it over here... I think hell will freeze over before you see this in a US version. Import it or download it from somewhere, get a mod chip, best bet.

DON'T try and solder the modchip yourself. Get a professional to do it. This ain't no hobby job (extremely small solder points). Xbox is easier to do and has much more possibilities, but the game isn't on that platform, so oh well :).

Wouldn't recommend just buying another PS2 though, that's just stupid. Most major cities have a bunch of people advertising their services for modchip installs. Read your local newsgroups, talk to people in game shops, etc. It's not hard to find.
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