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Naruto - "datte bayo"


13 Aug 2003
What the heck does this mean, if anyone watches Naruto, you might notice that he says this after like EVERY sentence... it makes me wonder what this means? can anyone answer it? >.<
Hehe yeah... and such a fast response! You posted one minute after I posted or so.. lol
Sorry that is OFF-TOPIC but i was wondering if the Anime holds up as good as the manga,I really enjoys reading the manga does the anime bring anything new i might not know//?
It can't be off topic, in a sense it is, but in another it isn't, its anime related so i decided to put here ^.^, and yes the ANIME IS GOOD. Watch it i'm sure you'll enjoy it :)
Well i Will Check up on it a.s.a.p, One more question before i start to bother you, Is Naruto a standard episode series or are we expecting more.thank you Type-Zero for being a Kind Person.I have a gift For you:rose:
Na you can keep bothering me all you want, its really cold and lonely up in my room... and dark.. and scary... and and and AHH WAHT THE H!!!!? nothing nothing... anyway

I think Naruto is a standard episode based series, it's pretty damn good, i never seen the manga, too cheap to buy them, and too lazy to read, even though i have to read the subtitles well ya ;) heheh thx for the uh roses? lol kekeke read every post i ever made! i'm sure theres something intresting you'll read, just read my Mc Donalds Commercial and stuff, its a bit on the bottom of the anime and manga thread. Oh yeah back to naruto, i'm sure we can all see new things comming from Naruto :)
I was wondering when you were going to repley.:eek:
Well I found out about Naruto On Shonen Jump,ITs like a big book with like 6 mangas,I found out they had episodes but thought they still havent came out yet.But Anyways thx to you i will be able to finally see it.

Since you are Alone in that Dark ,Scary room.Would you like me to Join You and keep you Safe? :box:
LOL ya! lets dress up like ANBU members and go around my house throwing kunai lol, i bet my aunt will be like "what" and prolly do laundry and grumble or something
I think I Enjoying my Stay here in the Forums well after i met you everything has been going very good so far xcept when you grandma saw me , I hope you not in trouble ,well i put you in my Buddylist so i can be sending little secret notes.😍
lol, buddy list? theres a buddy list for these forums? if u got AIM, u can hit me up a IM at : j0noy , the 0 is a zero, kinda obvious, but ppl get it wrong :) hehe secret notes? kekeke, you do realize im a guy right? -.- none the less still good LOL
Yes i know i just Enjoy meeting New People.Somtimes i have too much fun,as you have noticed But its All good,Anyways i dont have AIM and it bothers me cause Evereyone has it xcept me,I liek MSN better.:eek:
Hahah! Well Wisdom's making friends! ^.^
I've been here for about 2 weeks and Wisdom's my only friend! (and a good friend indeed!) And then Wisdom's been here for a couple days and look at him go! I should be more assertive 😊
I suppose I can really say the same for myself, although i'm not quite sure what other people think about it o_O This community seems a little cold at times if you ask me, (and you didn't) I wonder why!
i dont know! lol i try to be everyones friend, and those who don't like me stick out lol -.-
Yeesh, how can you dislike someone on a forum? -.-
I guess if these forums were created for people to argue about their political opinions or boring nonsense like that THEN people would have a reason to be icky...but I dun see how that applies here....
Yeah, although there could be little arguments or disputes, you never know :) although its good to argue, it shows how other people think and their opinons, you have AIM or MSN?
I've got both, but you already knew that ^.^
Of course it's good to argue, it helps you get to know people. But lots of people out there get mixed up and decide someone's evil because they have opinions. How sad :eek:
There was a thread like this in another forum.
One of the forum goers quoted:
Naruto's style is '(verb stem)tte bayo!' For instance, wakattebayo is "I get it already" or nan dattebayo is "What (the heck) is that?" It is another colloquialism not linked to any specific dialect that is meant to make the speaker sound rough and brusque, not very refined, and trying to sound tougher than they really are.

Kinda like Kenshin and his use of "de gozaru" which is a very polite way of saying "desu" (kinda like "it is" in English).
My goodness! You certainly answered his question didn't ya'? ;)
Great! I was beginning to think no one knew.
How interesting!
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