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4 Nov 2003
Anyone seen this anime? Very strange, but the story is great, one of the more original ones I've seen. Even though it seems to be a Pokemonesque anime in the beginning, things start to drastically take a turn for the... intense... around the third episode. I'm looking forward to reading the manga.

For those of you who do the torrent thing, here are the fansubbed episodes, but I warn you, it's only for the mature:

Thats cool I havnt seen it yet but I've seen fans make anime music videos out of it. From what I've seen it looks interesting. I would do the bittorent thing but I dont have a cable modem so it would take me days to download. I only have the patience to use it for music,
That show... You have a catchy weird animated opening theme, then the rest is all dark stuff.

I recommend a watch.

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