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18 Jan 2004
One of the Best manga ever any1 had seen it?


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EXTREMELY popular with the girls atm, its an interesting read, a little too far flung and overdone for me tho. I am a guy tho, blame it on that 😊
haha yea i knoe but the art is nice the story line is a bit boring ...about nana komatsu ...for Nana Osaki her story line is good :p
beautiful drawing..
love it, was crazy over it once.. but its taking its time for the next volume to be out.
I love Nana^.^ I just finished reading the ninth volume and am starting translations to post on my website as my first major translation project during my stay in Japan. It's incredibly popular here, everyone's reading it during class and the like... that's where I found out about it^.^ The eighth and ninth volumes are so depressing though... I hope the tone drifts upward in the tenth but it won't be out for another 4 months so I have to wait to find out>.< I could just buy the monthly ribon, but what's the point....?? It's a bit expensive anyway... Is it popular in your respective countries?? I'd like to hear how it's being recieved overseas. 👍
here in Canada is not very that popular ...when i start knowing it i was in the library checking some book and i found it i love the art..mostley before i dont use to read manga i just bougth them for art. but i just had nothing to do and read it and i like it :) . I start telling my friend to bougth Nana cause the story line is good and the art . I only have Nana until 8 . Is coming late here ...well cause it would be translate into french ^^
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