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NANA + Paradise Kiss ~


Suffer and Despair
23 Mar 2004
has anyone seen Nana or Para~Kiss .both are extremely good manga of my time.. in my opinion... lol ... drawing is one of the best..and story is as well as attractive..
I can't seem to find Parakiss' manga here in my country.....*angry*
But i do get to read NANA.....nice manga~~ Pleasing for more
never read Paridise Kiss, but Nana is SO INTERESTING~~ deals with normal human emotions....but the cuter nana sometimes pisses me off tho...>___>;;:eek: try not to focus on her as much as u do on the punk nana..she's so cool~ 😌
I've read paradise kiss, I really liked it. The drawing was good that's true, really good, though I don't really like that kind of... design? The story was really good, it wasn't the typical shojo manga, so I really enjoy it... I think it was really pretty realistic and I loved the end, don't you think??
I read nana's review a loooooong time ago ((even before downloading paradise kiss)) and I thought "ooh, so interesting" so I download it but then, don't know why, never actually read it... I wonder why... ??
I've seen the animes ... I instantly fell in love with Paradise Kiss, for it's beautiful estethics.
Nana was a must, as the same group of Mangaka are behind it, I think. Not finished yet, so no spoilers ;P
I've read ParaKiss and I'm currently buying Nana. I like them both a lot :)

The think that I like the most about Ai Yazawa is that her stories are very mature. ParaKiss and Nana are not the typical shôjos in which a high school girl has to decide about what boy she likes the most. No, they truly make you think about growing up, doing what you like to do and not what other people expect from you ... Yeah, they are really interesting :)

Ai Yazawa rules! ^_^
Yazawa Ai is a true genius!
ParaKiss inspired me to continue chasing my dreams no matter what - it made me switch my choice of major, in fact. ^^;; I had planned to do mechatronic engineering in college, but after reading ParaKiss I changed my mind and am going to do film instead. Yazawa-sensei is one of those rare geniuses who can evoke a whole bunch of feelings inside you and, well, inspire you. She really makes you think. And her stories are wonderful, even if cliched to an extent.
On December 18th, Thanks to NEW YORK - TOKYO, the highly anticipated movie "NANA 2," will be having it's international premiere in the United States on December 18th 2006! But what's even better than having the chance to watch "NANA 2" on the big screen...? Specially invited are the film's two leading stars: Mika Nakashima and Yui Ichikawa. They will be in New York City to promote this event, and their presence will definitely be felt here in the states.

More here: Nana Net
I actually just finished reading Paradise Kiss today. I started reading it today to. It was on sale at my local bookshop so I bought the whole lot of it, and I must say that I fell in love with it. My next step will to buy the anime when I have enough money. I also look forward to reading/watching Nana.
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