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6 Nov 2003
Can anybody translate me name "Eve" into japanese..all i want is the normal alphabet translation not japanese fonts
In romaji, it would be "ibu." Also, it could be "eba," depending on how you pronounce it.
That is the phonetic transliteration. Did you want the meaning translated? By the way, the translation given for the name "Eve" is the one that I gave you (I am not sure whether you can read Japanese, but rest assured, what I wrote is the same as what is on that page).
There is a vu phonetics for kana right? So it could also be evu (イヴ). I don't know how standard ヴ though.
My understanding is that it depends on the following vowel. ヴ is generally reserved for v/b sounds followed by "i" for instance (and ブ for "e"), but I have seen both イヴ and イブ, even エーヴ、イーヴ. There are also various kanji for "Eve" both phonetic and denotative, based on the meaning, if you'd be interested in those as well.
It's in the dictionary as イブ, but use イヴ. it looks cooler and is more phonetically correct. if you wanted to be really cool here's an idea - write it in English as eve!
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