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Name of Artist for Unknown Song

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Michael F

15 Dec 2016
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I'm just getting into Japanese music. There's a song I heard by a very familiar sounding female artist a little while back on the Japan-a-radio station. I tried to rewind it to find out what it was, but the buffer cleared.

I wrote down and exported a MIDI sample that represents the basic idea of the melody here: Sample by johnn doe | Free Listening on SoundCloud

It's a fairly slow love song with mostly acoustic instruments and light drums midway, and the singer sounds similar to Minami Kuribayashi, along the vein of her single "Namida no riyuu".

The only English line I can remember is the words "I want to be with you".

I could swear I've heard it before, which means it's probably pretty well known, but I can't find it. Consequently, I can't find the artist.
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