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yamatai dragontiger
29 Jul 2003
Hay my friend is putting together a anime/American animation. The name of the animation is going to be called "Shadow Guild". Now he is calling the main characters "Unchosen" and needs a possible "Kamon" or symbol to reperesent that title "Unchosen". does anybody have any ideas?🙂
a guymelef...:D

no that wont work..what about like instead of a symbol you could have like a woman in ripped clothes with an X on her forehead like falling with like glass or bubbles floating upwards on the boxcover.

ugh..well just an ideal....Meep!...maybe i will use that! actually i don't have any suggestions 👍 sry.
well I would use that but he doesn't have any woman as main characters and this will be a martial art anime. But thanks anyway.
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