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Name Dropping

WOW! that's interesting!!!! though i have never heard of the show...but then again, i never really watch ABC. HOW COOL! YEAH FOR GOLGO_13!!!!!!!!
wah!!!!!! I KNOW HIM NOW!!!!!!!!! DOESN'T HE ALSO PLAY IN THE SHINING?????THAT IS SO COOL GOLGO_13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool indeed Golgo, closest to that I have is knowing Britney Spears, Master P all the No Limit Rappers (Silkk, C-Murder, Mia X, Mystikal, Kane & Abel, etc), Cash Money Rappers (Baby, Manny Fresh, Juvenile, Lil Wayne, etc) They are all from Louisiana and I have actually met and talked as well as partied with all of them.
Doc Greene?

Hell, that's cool. I'm attempting to read one of his books right now. Hopefully I'll understand it before I die.

My pops grew up with Pat Sajack. (sp) You know, that dude from Wheel of Fortune.
Vaclav Havel is really good friends with my mother, they fought against the communists in the 1960s and 70s until my she ran from the communists.

I''ve also met Romeo Dallaire, and several other noteworthy people from the Canadian government through my job... they are movers and shakers, but most of you wouldn't know them.
I've met a bunch of people form the Canadian government, not because I'm their friend but I had to film a boring meeting in city hall. At less I got free food 🍜
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