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3 Apr 2003
harro, i be senny ^__^ i just thought i'd introduce myself you all. i's from england and i'm 18, and erm well anything else just ask me! heh

*hands out sweets*

Greetings and welcome. :cool: Anyone handing out free candy can't be all that bad in my book. 8-p Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay.
wee! thankies for the warm welcome! :) i hope i have fun posting on here

and noodles? hmm i would say yes but i think i just had some bad potatoes :| i don't feel so good, but thank you anyway!
Namaste dark for tears ! Are you a British Indian ? From which part of India (and England too) are you from ? I've spent 5 months around India.

Cheers !
yep british indian! ^__^ my family comes from the north on punjab, but most of them are spread out all over! whereabouts have you been in india?
Oh, I've been all around, except justly for Punjab and the Himalaya region, as well as the part behind Bangladesh. I started from Dehli to Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharshtra (till Bombay), then up again through the Madhya Pradesh till Varanasi then back to Dehli. After that, all the South then up to Orissa and Calcutta, then to Nepal and back to Varanasi and Dehli again. You can see my complete itinerary and a few pictures on my site.
damn! you've been everywhere i want to go! heh, i never really travelled the country much. i would like to go back there soon - its been 7 years since i last went.

my aunt lives in Dehli and my great uncle lives in Jaipur. i love it Jaipur, its so beatiful there - i didn't want to leave!

oh yeah and i live in Leicester in england - the place where most indians who leave India end up! lol
Yeah, I've heard that Leicester was the first British city with more ethnic minorities (by British standard) than "white British". When I was in London I used to go to Alperton to rent Indian movies.
really? the first city with more ethnic minorities? heh i can believe that. i didn't know leicester was that well known! i don't like it much here. i'm hopefully going to be moving soon for university so i only have 5 months left here

i never really watch indian movies anymore..i watch a lot of chinese and japanese ones, although i do watch the odd bollywood one that isn't all singing and dancing and boring romances - let's face it that's what most of them are! heh

i shall go have a look at your site, i haven't had a chance yet, i'll see how beautiful india is
If my International Channel is any indication, Indian movies are all song and dance, with similar sounding music and the same plot. D'oh! :(
lol that would be about 90% of them. i have seen a few good historical ones - sure they have singing and dancing..but that's why the fast forward was invented! and there have been some horror ones..i've not seen many of them though.
i like horror movies... ::evilness:: BWAHAHAHA!!!

hi, senny!! i hope you have a great time here!!! welcome~!!!!
hehe i love horror movies too..which is why singing and dancing movies aren't my faves!

anyhoo thankies for the warm welcome. people's are friendly here, i plan to stick around a while :D

*gives out more sweets*
I think that one must be in India to appreciate Indian movies. I couldn't feel the same watching them in London. Anyway, being in India is like being in another world. I couldn't understand what they were saying in Hindi (except for a few words in English here and there), so it was fortunate that the lpot wasn't so difficult. That's more like musicals. The important is the spectacle !
If you guys enjoy horror movies, might I recommend checking out the musical stylings of the Americah "The Misfits" and Japanese "Balzac"

These bands write songs based on or inspired by old horror movies. The Misfits have been around for decades and so their older songs (majority of their catalog, really) have an aged sound, but that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable. Balzac is like a Japanese tribute to the same spirit that was the original Misifts.

Both bands are also highly marketable with their various costumes and themes (not as bad as Kiss was, though!), and you'll find action figures and all sorts of odd goodies to collect. Balzac are so popular that they even have their own store in Japan.

This Summer, both bands will be touring together in the States! This will be Balzac's first US national tour.

Give it a shot.. you might like it!
a friend of mine likes blazac. i'll go check them out! thankies!

but yeah hindi is hard to understand...if i can recognise a few words people say in a sentence then i can pretty much understand the general gist of the sentence! heh
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