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Nagoya University G30 Program 2018


11 Mar 2018
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Hey guys!

I am an applicant to G30 program AY2018 of Graduate School of Economics at Nagoya University. I submitted my application document to NU in January, passed the primary screening and was invited to an online interview with Graduate School of Economics just a couple of days ago. However, I was not really confidient with my performance at the interview as it was mainly about some difficult questions related to my research plan.

Is anyone here also applying to G30 Program at NU this year? Have you attended the interview yet and can you share your experience?


15 Apr 2014
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In my opinion:

For graduate school, after the initial screening, it means that they are likely trying to “pair” you with a research advisor. The big questions at this stage are:
Are you able to conduct grad level research?
Do you have a topic that someone (prof) is willing to deal with?
Is this a researchable topic?
Is someone willing/agreable to supervise you and if so - do you satisfy their requirements?

So actually others’ experiences will not be help you much. Cross your fingers and wait for the results. Good luck.

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