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11 Jan 2004
Hiya..I'm new here! I found the link to the site on the Batsu Jrock forums.
I'm a huge anime and j-music fan, and one day I want to visit Japan itself. I'm looking for a penpal who shares my interests, as well.
I'm a sophmore in highschool, if that helps any.....I like to draw, read, write, sing, act, RPG, listen to music, and watch anime.
hi!! welcome to the forum!!! the people here are super friendly... well, at least most of them... you'll feel at home in no time!!
:D Yeah, then you'll put your feet on the furniture and get yelled at! Hehe, just like home!

Welcome, DarkDreams! You seem like a very nice person to get to know! (I like your sig, btw!)

I hope you have fun here and many laughs! 👍
Welcome DarkDreams :)!

I agree, the users of this forum are super friendly, I'm new as well and a lot of people have been incredibly kind to me! You guys rock :D! ^^;;;
Hello and welcome to the forum, DarkDreams. May your stay here be an enjoyable and fruitful one. :)
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