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N Korea wants five abductees back

Someone is going to get hurt in this and I don't mean the governments, I mean the families.

If this gets down to saving face, then...
If they ever had a face, it has been lost long ago. I do hope these families will be allowed to reunite wherever they want.
A set of bones got sent back and after tests they found out that they were from a 60 year old woman when the person should've been a man in his 30's.

oh well ...
Pyongyang threatens to cancel talks unless abductees return

""Japan has created a new obstacle to improving relations between (North) Korea and Japan in violation of an agreement," the news agency quoted a Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying."

=> http://mdn.mainichi.co.jp/news/20021114p2a00m0dm040000c.html

What a twisted world! [Sorry Peter, not directed at you, lol]
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hehe, kiss my big hairy gaijin a_rse is what my reply would be.

Hell, they were abducted and the amount of money that Japan allows to flow from North Koreans living in Japan to those in N.K. should be enough insentive for N.K. to shut up.
I just called the Kremlin and told Puchin, that if North Korea ******* more more time I'm going to cut off all the money being sent by the Pachinko Parlor owners.


Ding Dong Kim is going to sh_t his pants because that would cut N.K'S GNP by 75%

Don't worry, they're still into arms trade.
N Korea government is smoking crack again....
Since they don't live in reality, why should they dictate how other governments behave? Like any spoiled child, slap the kid upside the head and tell 'im he won't get anything for dinner until he straightens out....
wonder how long before the country implodes upon itself? Kim loves making movies about his glory, loves to show himself shooting weapons, and how to fight in combat when he's never been in the military.....the guy is delusional of his own grandeur. Once he is taken out of the picture, and he is mortal, after all, I wonder how long his cult will last....?
...until there's no more bark to eat.

Seriously, G.W. Bush is starting war in the wrong sandbox.
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