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Mysterious Letter


27 Aug 2003
Mysterious Letter

A minister was opening his mail one
morning. Drawing a single sheet of
paper from an envelope he found
written on it only one word: "FOOL".

The next Sunday he announced, "I have
known many people who have written letters
and forgot to sign their name ...

... but this week I received a letter from
someone who signed his name and
had forgotten to write a letter."
WOW. That is cool. It's kind of like a clueless, but hehe I know that you don't know that I know your stupid kind of thing. How cool.
nope, its a fail safe thing so if its not accepteed on the other end for whatever reason you get it back.
O,alright cause if the person sent it with his home address then WOW this guy is a fool,But i think i might try it and send it to a Boss :cautious:
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