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15 Mar 2002
Hello All

I am a High School teacher here in Japan in the Osaka area.
I am from the United States, born and raised in Texas, and lived in Seattle for 16 years.

I will be happy to converse with you and allow you to practice your English. I have many interests including Travel ,Sports, and the computer.
I am married to a Japanese National who is fluent in English. I have two children Koichi and Sachiyo who speak both English and Japanese fluently. They are 7 and 10 years old. And are the joy of my life.

We live near the moutains and everyday I go jogging up on the mountain. We have an old house that has a beautiful garden.

We love to travel and are soon off to Hawaii. We are taking groups of Japanese students of English with us to Hawaii. So they can practice English in a natural environment. We are renting a beautiful 5 bedroom house on the beach with a swimming pool. We will go horseback riding, hiking, dancing or anything you want to do. And have English lessons.

We have a few openings left if you are interested in joining us. It is going to be so fun!!! We have openings from July 26 through August. Come by yourself or with all your friends. Everyone is welcome. We have mothers and children coming together and high school students and we have a group for young single people and one for adults. For details contact me by email.
All English levels are welcome.

Lets become friends and travel together!!!


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Greetings and welcome Lee. Sounds like you are doing very well for yourself and your family. Good to have you onboard.
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