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not bad. Your first design eh? nice :)

interesting idea this habbo hotel stuff, now if only I had time to spend ....
Nice design, Scott. Will indulge in your diary later today. Just noticed that you've also watched "Grave of the Fireflies", one of my favourites too.
Lol thanks guys. Yea, Habbo Hotel is very cool. It's a virtual chat community where users are represented by an avatar which you customize yourself. You roam a "Virtual 5 Star Hotel". You can make your own room (costs money but not much) or roam other users' rooms or roam the public rooms. It's great fun. I've been going there since September of 2001. I've even met some Japanese speakers.

Yes, I thought Grave of the Fireflies was excellent. Quite sad thoguh. :(
hi Scott 🙂

I just had abrouse around your site, xcellent!!!!🙂

seen your cute pics (hehe) and all the rest, keep up the good work!! I will get back to your diarys later,👏
"Grave of the fireflies" ??? is that Hotaru no Haka ???

If so, I watched it when I couldn't speak much Japanese and cried .... That's for sure one movie that doesn't need a dialogue since the imagery is so powerful.
moyashi do you know if that movie is available here???
I would really like to see that!!
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