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My webcam crashes my pc...


15 Mar 2002
I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem I've been having.

My webcam is a Mustek G-smart mini 2, and my OS is windows XP. The camera works for a while, and takes the shots at intervals and uploads them, but then at random points it reboots the PC, and when windows loads again I have a message saying "Windows has recovered from a hardware problem... blah blah blah"...

I've tried finding new drivers, but no luck!

Anyone have any ideas? ^_^
Hi Ember. Welcome to the board.

Your webcam, can upset your computer, so does other cameras.

Try this:

unistall the webCam.

Restart your computer.

Close all the programs you have. ( must likely this programs are all active). So, close them up.

Reinstall the webCam.

Restart your computer.

It might help.

if you steal have problem post here.

I don`t have Windows XP, but for this task is good for just about any windows, and should be safe to do so.

My husband bilds computers, and if you steal have problems he can help out.

Do you have the latest " derect Ex " . If you don`t, i suggest to dowload the direct ex first, before you reinstall the WebCam.

You might need to install The newst "Quick time", or apdate the softwear.


I usually see that sort of behaviour in "dirty" pcs, which means that perhaps you installed/uninstalled too much stuff in it and it's in need of a HD format. But first try to uninstall it and install it again. Check for drivers updates at the mustek website and install them too, if any exist. When installing or using it, close any unnecessary applications.

Good luck. :)
Most important is making sure video drivers & video-related drivers (direct-X) are up-to-date. This kind of behavior is often caused by video drivers & their interaction with the underlying hardware.
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