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My new signpost


1 Apr 2003
This is the sign post I have carved out of an old piece of pitch pine
It is not the official entrance to my garden (which I hope will be more grand) but is intended to look as though it has been in place for a long time
The official entrance will be at the other end of the garden, and will constitute a large thatched archway with hardwood gates
The sign reads 'Mount Fuji' or 'Fujiyama' or 'Fujisan' as takes your fancy
I call my garden the Fujiyama Japanese Garden
You can find the link to the garden in another post to this forum
The carving was my first ever attempt with a new 'Dremel' which my wife bought me for Christmas. I found it to be quite easy to adapt to, so long as you take your time
Do you like it? Would you now be prepared to try this yourself? have I given you an idea?
Let me know what you think

Looks fantastic, Sam, thanks for sharing! However, given my poor craftsmanship, I'd be reluctant to try myself.
thats a cool signpost man, maybe i should make of of those, dunno what it would be for though... ill have to think of something.
Wow!!! Sam, you are not going to believe this, I feel as if I already know you!! haha, I'm so sorry I missed your previous posts on the thread "Japanese garden find" I just went back over the thread and read them, and Yes I was snooping in your beautiful garden, hahaha, your title now "Whisky4 ect" set my mind into a whirl, especially because it was connected to a Japanese garden, hey I'm going to come to see your garden in the summer, (I'll wait for an invite of course first, lol because I'm very very shy ect:) It's a pleasure to meet you at last 🙂
These Belfast folks sure are slow to speak to a 'body'
Haven't met anyone from Northern Ireland yet who is shy? You gonna be the first Deborah?
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