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5 Mar 2003
Hi there,

Well I'll write a few words to introduce myself to the forum.
My name is David and I'm a 27 y/o guy from Sweden.
For fun I started studying japanese at university (distance course)
8 months ago. Since then my interest in Japan has grown and, well here I am, hoping to learn more :)

I'll be travelling to Japan for my second time in August, and I look
forward to that a lot :)
As far as interests go:
music (aphex twin,meshuggah,kraftwerk,dinosaur jr,dylan ....),
cooking (vegetarian), reading (last read book was 'Fast food nation' by Eric schlosser), watching ('Friends' and bad horror movies) and yoga :)

I'll probably lurk around mostly in the language forums.

Greetings and welcome! Always nice to see another friendly face around here. Hope you enjoy your stay. Oh yeah, Aphex Twin is phat
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