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5 Jan 2018
My name is Dan. I was going to pick out a different screen name, but it said it was too long. So I picked my favorite photog...Weegee.

I usually don't do an intro. Been on hundreds of forums since 1998 and treat the all as one big happy family. But Since they keep pestering me here for an intro I will do one.

I'm in my 60's I was born in L.A., NYC is 2nd home, the Rustbelt is home base.

I am a curator, archivist and historian and do social documentary photography.

My interest in Japan is to go there and so some social documentary photography round the clock as best that an old guy like me can do. When I work NYC subways I start on the back or front car and change cars at each stop to get a new serving of people prospects to shoot. So, even as an old photog I can still push things.

Since Japan is a helluva long trip I am studying up my options to make it successful on a low budget.
I'd like to go for 3 weeks or so as I may ever get back. But I am very fast at photography and 3 weeks for me is like 3 years for some other photogs. When I was in my 30's I visited Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Sri Lanka but have never been back.

All inks nsfw

Here are samples of my photography...

Here are samples of my curatorship and archival work...

Here are samples of a new small gauge film archive I manage...(Have 300+ films and just started putting them online a couple weeks ago)

Here are samples of my infrared flash photography...

...that sums me up.
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I had to confirm... the links really are nsfw. And I'm at work so I got out pretty quickly.

Welcome to the forum. This is the perfect place to help you plan your trip. Any practical questions you may have are likely to find an answer here.

Like I said, I closed out of your site quickly so I couldn't tell... what is your world record in?
Welcome to the forum, Dan, and thanks for the intro! I've hidden your links behind spoilers, as some of your photos are a bit too explicit for the forum and Big G.
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