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15 Dec 2002
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I'm a librarian who works with many languages and gets interested in their cultures. Except for Japanese. I don't work with it, but I became interested in a show called Iron Chef (Ryouri no tetsujin). I have been learning about Japan ever since, and have learned a lot about the cooking (which has benefitted my health. I'm here to learn more.
Welcome and yoroshiku, Haivart!

It's nice to have an expert for culinary and gastronomical questions on board, I hope you are going to tell us more about your experiences with Japanese cuisine.
Hi there Haivart🙂 and welcome to the boards, I will look forward to any input that might be willing to share with us lovers of Japan, but have no experience or culinary skills of this beautiful country, give us an easy recipe to start with (hehe) 🙂
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