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My Future in Asian Languages...help please?

18 Oct 2003
Hello everybody,

Okay, I'm new to this board and actually came across it by accident, but I saw one of the posts asking about a Major/Minor question, and I actually have the same question, just different in a way.

See, I'm 18 years old and currently waiting to choose a college to go to.. I need to get my math grade up before the college I want to get into can accept me. (which is why I'm getting tutoring help)

But, that aside.. I live in wisconsin, and my parents want me to stay in the state, or at least somewhere nearby, but that's going to make it hard for me to do what I want to do for a major/minor.

I want to major in Asian Languages. I've been studying it on my own, as well as having a few years of proper schooling (three years in HS) to back me up, giving me a total of 6 years of studying under my belt. (Imagine my surprise when I found out my Sophomore year that they had Japanese, and that when I got into the class I was actually doing something RIGHT in my own basic lessons...)

I plan on being a writer when I get older, but my real passion is Translating. Mainly I translate lyrics to songs that I can't find the translations to for like groups such as Do As Infinity...it's a small pasttime that keeps me busy lol.

I started with just the basics, but I've been studying Kanji as of late. I have a few books here at my house that I study, and I'm starting to get cards together, so I can just bloody well pound them into my head.

I'm fully aware of how hard this language is, but I'm very determined, and it's something that I love to do.

But, my question..What should I once I get into college about this? I mean what should I do? I plan on going to Whitewater, which has an Asian Language Major/Minor system. As well as Foreign Exchanging to Osaka or Tokyo for a semester to a full year.

I'm so looking forward to just the aspect of it, it's what gets me through work everyday! (That and the paycheck..) I've just.. ever since I was in Junior High I've been obsessed with the Eastern World, especially Japan! I love everything about it.. *goes starry eyed*

Anyways. I have work in a few so I better cut this short.
(......) I want to know if anybody has any advice for me, like what should I do, should I do this as a Major? or a Minor?

I really... really want to do this, but I don't know where to start. What I should look into, all of that. Please, if anybody has any advice for me, I'd be most greatful!
Thanks for listening to my babble, but I have work to head to. so.

I'll check back later on!

You could become a professional translator (see American Translators Assn. website) either for the government or some company, or even freelance. I searched the word "translators" and came up with lots of sites. There's also teaching the language, or becoming a librarian (you may not get rich, but the work is rewarding and you'll be in great demand). Also see: www.translationdirectory.com and The LINGUIST List
Good luck
;) those sites are pretty cool. Thanks for bringing them to my attention, I really will have to look into becoming a professional translator, seeing as how it takes up 1/2 of my time when I'm not working.(The other is writing lol)

But hm...

I'll still wait for advice on college..
you could major in it, and since you like writing minor in that, or vice versa. i myself would like to major in asian studies and minor in asian languages. but what you take and want to learn is up to you. another route might be to ccontact a couple of the translators sites and ask them which would be better. i don't think it really matters if you have formal education in a language or not as long as you can speak and read it fluently. your french and english for example. though it would be fair to say that to be truly fluent in any language, knowledge of the culture is essential.
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