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9 Apr 2005
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smurf said:

Please join, I just started the forums and I don't have any members as of yet. 😭

im not surprised, there are no posts
seriously if you want a popular forum you need some content
do you think these guys (jref) just set up a forum and waited for people to come
this is no field of dreams
you need to do something ot attract people there
and frankly that blue is a bit of an eyesore

im not trying ot be harsh, these are just the facts

to give you an example of what i mean here is a new forum
click here
you can find the link on the banner exchange
the webmaster has made an effort to make interesting topics and there are only 6 members so far
given the choice between that forum which is visually pleasing with a little content and a site with no posts that makes your eyes tired which would you choose

i too have forum with very few members but i guess as my site content increases i will attract a few members

basically the message this theme is very popular and if you want to get some visitors you will have to do some work

Forum 1
Forum 2
Forum 3
Forum 4
Forum 5


Custom Graphix Artist
24 Oct 2004
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Dear Smurf:

I like the sig you use, "what color does a smurf turn when strangled"

yeah, Seriously it takes time, Ive got one Japan Forum, that I run. Right Now Ive hit a Great Brick Wall right now. But Im tryin to establish it, so check it out, Its not as good as Jref or deadhippos sites, but Its my first time running a website.

But, I wish you best of luck, and keep trying. Good Luck


Martialartsnovice said:
Dear Smurf:

I like the sig you use, "what color does a smurf turn when strangled"

Thanks Martialartsnovice 👍 . And thank you both for trying to help me out. I thought other people would want to make threads and not have me do it. 😌

PS. I need a banner on the top of the forums that has the forums name and a design on it. If anybody is interested in making me a skin for the banner please PM me.


24 Jul 2005
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do you think these guys (jref) just set up a forum and waited for people to come

Heh, yeah. People pay google for their website to show up on search engines.

Anyways, I think creating a forum like that isn't too good of an idea unless you make it an elitest thing such as: You can only come in here if you've passed a JLPT test. I bet if you made the whole site about that kind of thing it would motivate people to go get their JLPT 4 done.

Then would you get some results.

Japantoday's layout always bothered me. Plus, there is a hard time finding your thread.
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MotomanInuyasha said:
Lol, I'll Join your forum if you join mine, I'm Nightmare over there :) which looks nice buy the way, and you could submit your site to yahoo.com its free to submit your site I think

Sounds good. I'll join yours 👍
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