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My collection of Japanese songs and lyrics


2 Aug 2003
If you are interested in Kana-Romaji song lyrics and especially Teresa Teng's Japanese songs (I'm a loyal fan of Teresa Teng), please visit my website :

Nihongo no Uta - Teresa Teng - Utatte Oboeru Nihongo

I'm still working on the website, especially with translation . If you have English translation of any of those songs, please send it to me, I'll post it up.

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about mekongdelta.org in recent days


In recent days, I have not been able to go to mekongdelta.org because I get routed to a message that the site is not active.

My friends and I have visited mekongdelta.org for Japanese enka and especially Teresa Teng songs for several months. Did this website move? Can you tell me what to do?

You probably are out of luck with an answer?

Orchid has not been on JREF for 4 years. You might try a private message to her, as a last resort. Hopefully someone here might have an answer to help you.

Uncle Frank

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